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What is motorcycle tuning and why it is useful?

In short: tuning (engine tuning) this means fine tuning the motorcycle engine in every engine mode and weight load.
Optimal tuning yields maximum results.

Tuning a brand new motorcycle?

Motorcycles are manufactured in series, just like every other modern vehicle. In order to cover the widest global market possible, a motorcycle must fulfill a whole spectrum of ecological norms – some of which are very restricitve (for example, California and Switzerland.)
Because of this, motorcycles come with factory settings, which are set to a very poor mixture of air and fuel. This manifests with overheating, kicking and slower acceleration. Part of the performances also depends on the climate and the elevation – atmospheric pressure and temperature directly influence the air volume that goes in the cylinders.

Furthermore, the serial exhaust system is specifically designed to keep the overall noise levels within the strictest regulations, not for performances – and this results in additional drop in power.
To fine tune every single motorcycle would slow down the production and raise the price of the vehicles, so entire series are programmed with the same settings.
A motorcycle tuned to normal, average settings to cover the widest spectrum of regulations is just that – average. 🙁

Why tune the electronics?

Also known as chip tuning

What is Power Commander?

Power Commander is a compact electronic module that is installed on the stock steering electronics of the motorcycle, without any modifications, and allows access to their functions and fuel maps via USB computer interface. This enables the synchronization of the fuel injection system, the high performance exhaust systems and high airflow air filters. There are pre-made maps for renowned systems such as K&N, Akrapovič, Arrow, Leo Vince, MIVV Remus, Sebring, and others. It is also possible to control other components such as Quickshifter, Autotune, Launch Control, and the ignition module. More about Powercommander and engine tuning

Power Vision

This is the first and only touch screen flash tuning system for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Using an innovative auto tuning system, it enables optimal performance adjustments, while monitoring the most important motorcycle performances, and optimizing them while driving. It stores the backup copy of the original factory settings and gives up to 8 different predefined tuning settings. It displays all J1850 and CAN H-D vehicle data, including overview and cleanup of the diagnostics codes.


Module is a single unit on it`s own that completely replaces the motorcycle`s stock electronics, and it is easily connected with the already existing port. Auto Tune module adjusts the fuel map while driving – thus assuring the information feedback in real time in all RPMs and engine modes. ThunderMax enables the adjustment of the RPM limit, neutral position RPM, ignition time, the best air/fuel ratio, overview of the diagnostic codes, and the real time engine data. The new ThunderMax has ECM and AutoTune models integrated in a single unit. There is less wiring, and the Bosch Wideband O2 sensors are connected directly. It is manufactured in the USA from the finest components.

DynoJet chassis

DynoJet chassis

It is precise measuring system, that looks like a sliding platform, and it is made to fine tune the motorcycle performances. It looks similar to the brake testing platforms, but all similarities stop there. The motorcycle is stabilized by securing the front wheel and fixed in place with safety clamps , so that the back wheel is directly on the measuring roller. Three focused extractor fans with high flow ensure optimal engine cooling during testing.
The cylinder itself is a computer controlled dynamometer uses variable braking to simulate braking loads in driving, while at the same time measuring torque and force on the back wheel in real time (it measures the force up to 750 hp within the speed span up to 200mph/320 km/h). It reads all controll functions and informations from over 30 different expansion ports. It is compatible with DynoJet systems PowerVision, Power Commander, Autotune, and other manufacturers models. Graphs of the first and every following measurings is stored in the system, and by directly comparing them, we can clearly see the tuning results; concrete overall gain in both power and torque. Any anomalies and fluctuations in the power curves and torque can be further fine tuned.

Our 30 years of motorcycle tuning experience

in combination with precise measuring and storing data for comparison, guarantee that you will get your motorcycle`s true performance for your money. Balanced engine performance in both neutral and driving speed, increased power, resilience and torque, even with lower RPM, add to a more comfotable and fluid driving experience. Acceleration and direct throttle response are important safety factors in overtaking and risky situations. Lower engine temperatures extends the life span of the mechanical components. Tuning is justifiably a sound investment.


Tuning results become aparent during the first drive: easier ignition, a more balanced engine performance with less vibrations, lower temperatures, while providing more power, torque, and significantly better acceleration. Long term, it reduces the wear and tear of the engine`s moving parts, thus increasing the part`s life span. The motorcycle is significantly more agile, driving is more fluid, and even a decrease in fuel consumption is possible. Tuning is a very sound investment, that unleashes your motorcycle`s true potential.
Because even the most expensive piano has a bad sound until properly tuned.


Regular motorcycle maintenance is a prerequisite for safe driving. New engine oil and filter, gear shift oil, new spark plugs if needed and air and fuel filters are the bare minimum when doing regular maintenance. These are consummables on which you shouldn`t save money. Small example: gradation, chemical composition and oil properties are all regulated by the manufacturer based on the construction solution. Wrong synthetic engine oil can, due to low viscosity and greater toilerance between moving parts, cause a drop in pressure immediately after the oil pump, and leave the rest of the engine without oiling. Aggresive additives will eventually melt the isolating varnish from the stator of the alternator, and cause a short circuit. Spark plugs with the wrong thermal values will cause uneven performances and increased strains on the heated engine.

Janbo Moto service recommends regular checkups of the entire motorcycle; especially brakes, wheels and suspension. Brakes are the most important part of a motorcycle, and regular control of brake pads and hydraulic system is necassary. The preventive control of the airborne wheel bearings, the tension of the drive belt or chain and wheel parallelism contributes to the safety, handling and longevity of the tire pneumatics. A properly tuned suspension has a huge impact on the stability and agility of the motorcycle, stop braking, and the overall safety on the road. Leave these seemingly trivial things to the professionals with experience and specialized tools. A professionally made regular servise prevents potential breakdowns, and in the long term saves you money.

Upgrading a motorcycle – customizing

A motorcycle is much more than a mere means of transportation. A motorcycle is the barest form of a connection between man and machine, an adrenaline fuelled exposure to natural elements and forces of physics. A motorcycle turns fuel into noise and happiness. Movie classics such as The Wild One and Easy Rider have defined it as a symbol of rebellion, personal freedom, and non-conformity. Janbo Moto team knows that every motorcycle is special and unique, just like it`s owner. Each upgrade, even the smallest one, adds to the personalization of a motorcycle. Regardless if you`re just getting a new air filter, new exhaust system, handles, fork, footrest, or the complete engine performance tuning; all of the above speaks personality. Even the decorative fuel tank cover is a great start.
A biker`s work is never done.

Janbo Moto is here for you. At our disposal is a huge selection of accerssories from many different manufacturers. We can also make unique parts and components tailored to your wishes and specifications. From a slightly shorter fender and smaller turn signals for a clean look, to air filters, exhaust systems, airbrushed fuel tanks, extra wide tires, suspension modifications and frame geometry – everything is doable.
Also, you can design and build your custom motorcycle, starting from the frame, and adding different components according to your taste. All modifications are made according to the strictest international standards, they submit to an attestation at the Authorized Vehicle Center and enter the vehicle booklet. Such a motorcycle is completely legal and covered by insurance.


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